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A Second Look at Competition Projects

S E E K I N G  F O R  D I F F E R E N C E

| CRISAN Architecture | Jelena Mitrović | Iva Petković, Marko Radonjić |Radionica arhitekture: Aleksandra Duka, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić, Mario Škarljot | Olga Marelja, Stefan Vasić | Not a Number Architects | Dominiki Dadatsi, Ermis Adamantidis | Ana Boljar, Nikola Fabijanić, Juraj Glasinović, Iva Marčetić | LOT | Janko Jelić, Kristina Škrokov, Juraj Glasinović | Darko Draganovski, Evgenija Popovska | Point Supreme | Marija Bojović, Timothy Brennan | Anđela Branković, Aleksandar Pavlović | Tarik Keskin | Janko Tadić, Marija Strajnić, Nebojša Stevanović, Zorana Lužani | Martin Kruh, Jerica Polončič, Nika Zupančič | Monika Novkovikj, Gordan Vitevski, Mila Dimitrovska, Vlado Danailov, Barbara Irakoska, Aleksandra Aleksovska, Jovan Ivanovski | Olga Marelja, Stefan Vasić, Igor Sjeverac | DontDIY | Abruptarhitectura | PHORIM | Ilma Kobilica, Zejd Kobilica, Sirčo Jasmin | UNULAUNU | Sonja Dedić, Milan Dragić, Olga Lazarević, Stefan Stojanović | DEKLEVA GREGORIČ | SADAR VUGA | AAIKO | Ana Verijević, Milica Radić | Ian Kruezi, Tin Jakopec, Lea Majzec | Marija Cvetković, Zoran Lazović, Aleksandar Bobić, Nikola Milanović, Ana Dušmanović, Uroš Divac | Ivona Jerković, Hrvoje Vidović, Damir Petrić, Sladoljev Igor, Marta Lozo | Huseyn Cifel | Marija Bjelić, Aleksandar Bursać, Ana Uzelac | Luka Pavelka | Katarina Živković, | NULLSTELLEN LABORATORY | Katarina Živković, Jasna Drakulović, Vladimir Stevanović, Mila Jovanović, Dušan Knežević | Jovana Miletić, Miloje Krunić, Aleksandar Ćopić, Nikola Protić | SINESTEZIA | Christos Polymeris | METROPOLIS | POSTER | Pavel Veljanoski | Just Slow Down Laurie

The Balkan Architecture Biennale - BAB 2015: Architecture with a big A


Exhibition concept: Davor Ereš, Pavle Stamenović, Mila Mojsilović | Art Editor: Maja Morošan |

Catalouge Design: Miloš Kostić | Web Design: Dragan Morošan |

Sound: A//O https://soundcloud.com/atom-output |

Support: Dragana Dobrić, Nemanja Ristović, Drugstore


OUTSIDE : A Second Look at Competition Projects focuses on projects that present a ‘glitch’ in the local architectural context, and have the ambition to go beyond a presumed competition structure. One of the main intentions of this exhibition is to underline the capacity of a regional scene for producing architectural newness beyond the local framework of architectural education, regulations and structural patterns of the practice. OUTSIDE is an idea committed to intellectual architectural rigor and recognition of architectural innovation and difference. Established as a platform for an exchange within a regional context, a research-based approach is fundamentally open and driven by the notion that architecture and architectural thought might take different forms through drawings, images, essays or illustrations.

While trying to uncover a fragmented layer of transgressions in contemporary competition practice, we aimed to discover the unconventional, critical or fresh, while browsing through a tick tissue of compromises.  We strived to locate the place for smart architecture in between success and failure.


The concept started from a vague point of reasoning that fresh, critical, or somewhat utopian positions could be found outside of the comfort zone of architectural decisions. OUTSIDE : A Second Look at Competition Projects and the following catalogue are the result of a two months long (re)search with the aim to find and put together a set of competition projects that are in some aspect peculiar in relation to the regional architectural scene. This search was facilitated by an open call, followed by a persistent search for practices and projects that are floating in the vastness of networks. Editorial work started with the presumption that there are vivid practices existing within the architectural scene, coming from the margins; that there are bold projects that have not received enough attention, and therefore are less-known to the general architectural public. We were confronted by a reality in which there is a lack of communication channels and visibility, as well as a deficiency of content that would fit all of the presumed qualities. At the same time, this exact insufficiency is the reason for creating this exhibition in the first place. Namely, the basic aim of the exhibition is to make those ‘hidden’, non-awarded, projects visible. OUTSIDE gives these projects a second look, from a different perspective.


The OUTSIDE catalogue presents 24 projects from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey. These particular projects carry certain uniqueness, either by their elaborated approach, graphics, bold concept or traces of potential that could be realized through future architectural theory and practice. Each project is condensed to a single image and a short explanation, with an aim to expose and access the very core of an architectural concept. At the same time, this method offers insight of what is seen as relevant regarding the concept of the exhibition: the idea that these images and elaborations could serve as a trigger for further explorations.